Thursday, November 13, 2014

Stay Awhile

Thursday, November 13 - Woke up to...well. Woke up last night as the winds picked up and we heard a light “bump” on one pole we're tied to. We moved yesterday to an open slip.

We adjusted the lines a little to get the stern in close enough to be able to climb out off the cockpit...and apparently got one line a bit looser than we meant. We both climbed out of our warm bed and adjusted said line. A passage of time, us back under cover, was then spent listening for other incidents until we fell back asleep.

Woke up this morning to 10-20 mph winds, rain, and 41 degrees. High today 49, low 31.

After looking at the weather report for the next 5 days we decided to sit still for a while before tackling Mobile Bay. We've rented a car today through Monday and will take care of some items still on our “to do” list.  We're also thinking we just might take the 2 hour drive over to New Orleans for the day (probably Saturday when it looks like it might be decent weather for walking about). 

Interesting fact: We were looking at the NOAA marine weather prediction for the next few days and there is a small craft warning out from now through Friday. And the definition of a small craft? Well, here's what NOAA says about that:

There is no precise definition of a small craft. Any vessel that may be adversely affected by Small Craft Advisory criteria should be considered a small craft. Other considerations include the experience of the vessel operator, and the type, overall size, and seaworthiness of the vessel.”

In other words, use your own judgment 'cause we're not responsible. ;-)

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  1. It is very cold here too...25 this am
    Have fun on your break!