Thursday, December 11, 2014

Yep, we're still in Pensacola

Thursday, December 11 -  We moved the boat from Palafox Pier to Bahia Bar Marina Monday, December 1.  Nice  little marina with very few transients.  So far, we've had the washer and dryer to ourselves!  ;-)  This marina is further from downtown, but it's also a lot quieter.  Our only disturbances here come from the brown pelicans crashing into the water for their food.  This one just finished a snack and is off and running!

We've taken advantage of this layover to arrange delivery of some mail...and order some things from Amazon, etc. We're close to a bus stop and last week took off for the day to run errands via bus.  It was a day-long excursion since the buses only run once an hour.  Still, we got a lot done.  Wayne has been working on his to-do list.  Let's hope he doesn't get to the end!  Though, with every project removed another one or two seem to materialize...

There's a little park and beach nearby, Sanders Beach.  I've walked over there a couple of times.  We also walked to Joe Patti's restaurant (actually Joey Patti's) next to the seafood shop and lunched out a couple of days.  I've been to the Greek market again looking for produce.  Last weekend we rented another $10/day Enterprise special and caught up on groceries.  

Sunday we took the car to Pensacola Beach and had seafood nachos at Flounders.  We were entertained (well, Wayne would say "harassed") by a group of bagpipers in the restaurant.  I'll admit, it was a bit LOUD in the enclosed area.  When we finished lunch we realized the Christmas parade had just started...and we were a captive audience for the next 20-25 minutes.  Cute, actually.  Wish I'd had my phone with me for pics...but that's another story (We both got new phones last week.  I was "conditioning" the battery of my new Droid Turbo by running it down completely then recharging.  I left it on the boat that day in "recharging" phase.)

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous: 60's or 70's in the day, sunny.   This week brought in some cooler temps in the morning.  Still, it's very hospitable.  This is the weather we look forward to when cruising.  There's something about a sunny day on the water (no matter if the temperature is a bit cool) that lifts our spirits and brings up smiles from everyone we meet.

I've figured out a walking route from the marina through a local neighborhood.  This particular neighborhood is big on outside dogs and chain link fences...some of which don't look high enough to contain said dogs.  One block in particular is loaded with lunging barkers.  In looking for a work-around, I found a gem of a resource here, the Sanders Beach-Corine Jones Resource Center.  The Center is located right next to the bay and is beautifully designed with lots of windows and a boardwalk along the bay.

I went inside to see the facility and, on talking with the receptionist, found out that memberships are available for use of exercise facilities at a rate of $1/day.  Oh, and if you happen to be over 50...(ding, ding, ding...I think we have a winner!) the membership is free!  You don't even have to be a resident of the city.  They said, "just use it next time you pass through!"

So yesterday morning while Wayne was changing the oil I went up to the Center to register for a membership.  A Zumba class had started just before I got there, so I jumped in (literally) and experienced my first Zumba class.  I loved it, in spite of the sore muscles this morning.  ;-)

Yesterday afternoon, Mark, the generator expert, came by to begin disassembly of the old generator.  He finished up and will return when the new generator has arrived, hopefully late this week or early next.  We will then move to a different slip where they will lift the old generator out with a forklift and put in the new one.  There's a chance we could be in Sarasota for Christmas after all!

We have rented another weekend special from Enterprise to be picked up tomorrow morning.  Wayne and I both agree that if you need to "be somewhere" for a while, this marina is a nice place to be.  It's such a beautiful, peaceful view....  We woke to this view today.
(These sailors have been "warned"!)