Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Update from Pensacola

December 17, 2014 - Yesterday Wayne texted Mark, our generator guy, asking if he'd heard anything about a shipping confirmation from the manufacturer, Phasor.  Mark hadn't.  Later in the day, Mark forwarded to us a message Phasor had just sent to Mark.  Phasor was very apologetic for having missed not one, but two shipping dates.  They were going to try to ship it out yesterday evening...but "certainly" by today, which should mean a Friday delivery.  (Thank goodness we've at least escaped that mishap with the Fedex truck this week where hundreds of packages spilt on the roadway.  Anyway, the generator will be delivered by truck since it weighs 300 lbs.) Speaking of shipping, Phasor isn't going to charge for shipping forty minute  because of the there's that to be thankful for.

Mark says he can install the generator when it gets here Friday.  We'll probably run it all night just to burn off the "new," and leave for Ft. Walton Beach on Saturday.  It will likely take us 3 or 4 days to get within striking distance of the crossing.  In looking at the weather forecasts, the Gulf goes into a tizzy next Tuesday evening through Wednesday.  It's a pretty good bet we'll be munching on seafood this Christmas in of our favorite towns down here.

So, that's the state of affairs on Journey.  With a couple of extra days to hang around we decided to take a bus up to the mall and have lunch today.  Of course, we topped it off with a trip to the TCBY...

I had an interesting experience on the bus yesterday when I went up to the mall to pick up glasses I'd ordered.  On the trip home, I pulled the "stop requested" cord as we approached the marina bus stop and started gathering my stuff.  When I next looked up, the bus was rounding the corner onto a bridge!  I called out to the bus driver and she stopped the bus...but said she couldn't let me out on the bridge.  The bridge didn't look very I ended up riding the bus until it turned around and came back my way.  Ah!  A tour of parts of Pensacola I hadn't seen yet!  ;-)

And...on Monday, before we returned our rental car, we ate at CJ's at the corner of Garden and Pace.  We count on TripAdvisor reviews a lot in new areas and CJ's got good reviews for breakfast.  It was good!  At the Enterprise office, while we were waiting for a ride back to the marina, I heard a man at the counter identify himself as owner of CJ's.  I went up and spoke to him, telling him we'd eaten there that morning.  He said he was actually the former owner and was now the owner of 5 Sisters Blues Cafe.  Well, we'd eaten there, too, a couple of weekends ago.  He asked if we were pleased with our meal and encouraged us to come back one night when they have live music.  Maybe next trip!!

That's all I have to share this evening, except this sunset photo with it's wavy layers of colorful clouds.