Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mac City and Harbor Springs, MI

So, on Wednesday, August 26, we left St. Ignace for Mackinaw City, a short trip of about 7 miles.  We couldn't go further down that day because of the wind and wave action on the area beyond the Mackinac Straits.  

We had a pretty easy ride to "Mac City"...only a little bumpy as we passed by the largest span of the Mackinac Bridge.  We tied up at the city marina there and headed out to see what had changed since our last visit in 2008.

Lots!! The place is taking on the look of a resort town.  Of course, ice cream and fudge are available for those who would partake.  We ate lunch at the Key Hole Bar...and had a Leland Horny Monk ale with the food.  We both loved the ale...and bought more later in the trip.

Harbor Springs Municipal Marina, Harbor Springs, MI - August 27-29, 2015

We left Mac City at 7:30, along with several other boats, and landed at Harbor Springs Municipal Marina by around 2:15.  Heading for the Mackinac Bridge....

The trip that day was blissfully calm!  We couldn't believe how the waters had laid down.

Phil, from Irish Boat Works, had arranged to come over and start working on the head as soon as we arrived.  We had plans for the evening, so Phil worked for a couple of hours before he gave up and asked us to bring the boat over the following day so he could work on it there.

The marina is right in the heart of Harbor Springs, and in a park setting.

We've looked forward to seeing Arnold and Jean Kluge on this trip and were so glad things worked out for us to rendezvous that evening!  Jean and I have painted together, along with Susy from Mississippi and other friends, at a workshop held in Trenton, TN, for 5 or 6 years now.  I missed this year's workshop, but plan on being back there next April.

Arnold and Jean came over around 5 and took a tour of the boat before we headed out to their place on the coast of Lake Michigan.  On the way down, as we passed within a few miles of the Michigan coast, Wayne and I tried to spot their house.  Many phone calls back and forth...and many missed tries on both sides, but we finally found the right home.  Jean had her binoculars out and was going to wave at us as we passed.  She said she waved at several white boats with blue canvas that day!!  Theirs is the house with the metal roof...

It was a beautiful evening!  We sat outside on their deck overlooking Lake Michigan...while sipping gin and tonics.  ;-)

Then we were treated to a delicious home cooked meal that culminated with a blueberry/peach pie a la mode!  They renovated their 22 year-old kitchen a couple of years ago and Jean dreamed up this glass countertop that is lit with lights that can change the color according to whim.  The pattern in the glass looks like waves, so they usually have the "Michigan blue water" colors.

Wayne and Arnold as the chicken was grilling...

The next day Wayne and I moved the boat over to Irish so they could work on the problem there...then I met Jean and we took off for a ride down the coast to Petoskey.

Scenes from Harbor Springs along the way...The weather has been perfect for beautiful, lush gardens all over town...

This is one of the many flowing water fountains in the city that is fed guessed it...harbor springs!  There are little springs all over the area.

Some of the homes in town have little springs running through their yards.

We spent several hours looking at art in the Crooked Tree Arts Center.

We saw beautiful oil paintings by a New Mexico artist, Elizabeth Pollie (, an interesting exhibit about a local boat builder and his artist son, not to mention works in a themed show and "The Kitchen Painters" (the local Petoskey art group).

After lunch, Jean dropped me off at the boat.  Our problem was fixed!  Wayne and I began preparing to leave on the morrow.  Until.  The head started acting up again over night.

On Saturday we called Irish and they told us to come on over to their dock and Phil would be in to work on the head again.  We moved the boat over...then I met Jean and Arnold at the farmers' market and later had coffee with them at the little market in town.

It was so good to see Jean and Arnold on this trip!  So glad it worked out for them to be here when we were in town.

Checking back in with Wayne, the head appeared to be fixed.  No, really!  They found a problem and fixed it.  We decided, to be sure, we would stay until Sunday morning to make sure the head was fixed for good.

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