Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Guess where we are!!!

Wednesday, June 3 -  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, REBA!!!

Well, I'll tell you where we are:  right here at Cape May, NJ, where we've been since Friday.  We are being held captive by a "noreaster."  We had planned to go out in the Atlantic on the first decent day for travel and get to Atlantic City.  From there, we were planning a one day trip to reach the New York City area.  The more we looked at the distance between Atlantic City and, say, Staten Island...the more we thought about breaking that second stretch into two days.

May all be a moot point because we're actually looking at doing the ICW in New Jersey.  It sounds like a no-brainer that would be the easiest and safest way to get from here to there (NYC).  But the New Jersey ICW is notorious for being shallow in parts.  The recommendation to travel the ICW here have consistently said we should run ONLY from mid-high tide to mid-low tide.  So, we could leave here at 6 AM and travel until 12 PM safely.  We bought strip charts for the ICW, just in case we decide to take that route.'s 58 degrees (high for today) with winds 15-20 and gusts 25 or 30.  Oh.  And, did I mention it's raining?  So.  We're snug and warm in the boat.  We've walked to town every other day while here...but today we just walked to a restaurant close by for lunch.  During the summer months, July - September, they offer a trolley for $1/ride.  Yesterday we walked in and got groceries...then called a taxi for a ride back.  Worked out great!

We have an opportunity to catch up on reading, etc., so are content.  If you're going to be stuck somewhere, Cape May, NJ, isn't a bad place to be!  ;-)

This is a view from the marina office, JOURNEY indicated with red "arrow."