Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Spoiler Alert: All is Well!

Alpena Municipal Marina, Alpena, MI, Wednesday, August 5, 2015 -

About five days ago, we began to have problems with our Kabota engine in the generator…Having worked perfectly for over 300 hours, it suddenly died after running only a short while…or wouldn’t start at all.

We first suspected the problem was fuel related.  We changed the fuel filter that is attached to the Kabota and there was some improvement…but the problem didn’t go away entirely. 

The day before this “dead in the water” incident, we noticed minor changes in rpm level on the main Cummins engine…only to have it return to the original setting within a few seconds.

Bottom line:  it was all a fuel related problem affecting both engines, but not obvious until we were docked and started diagnosing the problem.  The problem was resolved when we replaced the fuel filter on each engine and a larger fuel filter that is shared between them.

As of yesterday, both engines are running…but we have yet to fully test them while traveling.

We'll likely be here through Thursday so we can change oil in the Cummins and do some other minor household chores.  More later from Alpena, MI....