Friday, October 28, 2016

We're on the water again

I know we just got back from the year-long trip in October of last year...and neither of us thought we'd be quite ready to leave again so soon...but we are ready.  We're headed to Florida for the winter months.  We thought we'd be leaving on Wednesday, October 26... but we couldn't quite get everything done AND calm down enough.  So, instead, we left on Thursday, the 27th.

Leaving  Concord Marina at 7:45 AM,  we made our way down to Ft. Loudoun Lock.  Transit was easy and from there we traveled to C & V Marina (aka, the dock behind Chuck and Vickie's lovely home).

We logged 68 miles...and the day was perfect...

Chuck and Vickie are the consummate hosts.  We shared Chuck's appetizer, then Vickie and I took a nice walk around the neighborhood before settling in to a supper of BBQ and sides.  Dessert was a delicious, but "good for you,) raspberry concoction stirred up by Vickie.  We ate and talked and had a wonderful evening, finally leaving our friends to fall into bed.

Today, Friday the 28th, we left C & V and headed for an anchorage right before Chickamauaga Lock. It was another beautiful day on the water...a little cool in the morning, but warmed up to a great afternoon.  We had wondered if we would see any really great fall color as we went down the river...and then we saw this as we left this morning.

We went through the Watts Bar Lock with ease and headed down to our chosen anchorage. Fortunately for us, Wayne decided to call the Chickamauga Lock and check on our chances of getting through pretty early in the morning.  OOPS!  They have a big commercial barge coming through tomorrow at daybreak and it will be noon or 1 PM before we will have a chance to come through.  Plan B:  Go through the lock today and stay at a Chattanooga marina/dock.  I checked the options and found that Loopers get a discount price of $0.75/ft.  Bingo!  We made reservations at the Erwin Marine Riverfront, Bluff Floating Dock, mile 463.5.  We did it...and racked up a total of 85 miles today!!

Friday night means after docking we ordered pizza and I took a walk while Wayne hooked up the power, etc.  Life is good.  ;-)

Not sure where we'll end up tomorrow...but it's supposed to be another gorgeous day for travel on the water...