Monday, February 24, 2014

Looking for a Journey...

Yes, we did sell our 1984 Californian, Segue, a couple of years ago...and, yet, are now looking for another boat.  Let me explain.

We're not the kind of boat people who are content to take the boat out for a weekend ride or overnight.  We like the longer trips.  We really do believe it's the journey, not the destination.  "All who wander are not lost," and all that.

Trouble was...we couldn't really take longer trips what with Wayne's 3rd (4th?) career in  So what we were doing was 1) paying slip fees, insurance, etc.,  for a boat we weren't using much,  and 2) maintaining said boat (groan for the teak rails, lovely as they were).

So...Wayne retired in October 2013.  We sold to a great group out in California and Wayne embraced retirement with an enthusiasm I've been pleasantly surprised to see.

"What would we like to do now," we said.  For several years now our "vacations" have been harnessed by the 24/7 work involved in the business.  Our trip by road out to Seattle a couple of years ago was wonderful...but there were sections of that trip where we were in the car and Wayne had his phone acting as a wifi hotspot, his laptop in his lap...and my phone to his ear.  Me?  I'm driving...enjoying the scenery, much as possible.  Lucy?  She's good.  She loves being in the car.

"What would we like to do now?"


"Well, I loved doing the Loop.  Did you love doing the Loop?"

"Oh, did I ever!  And I bet if we did it again we could spend more time in our favorite places, see things we missed, miss places we didn't care for..."

But, we'd sold our boat.  SO...what IF we found a boat that was shorter, less maintenance (no exterior teak, possibly one engine), newer, and somewhat "bullet proof" by our determination.

With all this in mind, we've started the search for another boat and will very likely want to do the Loop again if we are able to find the right vessel.  We think we're near to closing on that very boat...but it's taken us through a real process of honing down what we really want in the next boat.