Sunday, November 16, 2014

Here We Are

Sunday, November 16 -

Hey, what's a mind for if you can't change it, right?

We were mulling over the weather Thursday evening...plotting our car trip to New Orleans, planning how to wrap up several tasks we initiated at Dog River (more boat cards, new boat name sign, etc.)...when we saw an opening in the wave/wind conditions on Mobile Bay for Saturday afternoon.  Late morning, early afternoon, NOAA was predicting moderate to light chop waves and wind of less than 10 knots.  More to the point, the next week's forecast had a lot of "rough" conditions predicted.

Our pulses quickened.

Friday, then, we set out early and got everything done...including a clip/shampoo for Lucy.  On Saturday morning we borrowed the courtesy car and returned the rental.  We were back and getting ready to pull out at 10:30.

We were ready to be somewhere else.  We'd been in the marina for a week.  Everyone there was very nice and we were pleased with the services and repairs, including the charges ($1/day slip rental for the week since we had work done, for instance).  But, Dog River Marina seems more like a boat yard to us than a marina.  A little rough.

We did get to a couple of local restaurants we liked, though.  We had BBQ at Dick Russell's on Thursday...then back for a sausage biscuit Saturday morning before we left.  Friday we enjoyed lunch at Butch Cassidy's Cafe.  TripAdvisor continues to be a good resource for eating choices.

As we were getting ready to leave we had a would-be hitchhiker....

We called Homeport Marina in Gulf Shores, AL, (home of Lulu's, owned by Jimmy Buffet's sister) and got a slip for the evening.  The trip across Mobile Bay was easy, and we were in our slip by 2:30.

We're in the ICW!!  Here's what it looked like coming in....

And our first glimpse of the white regions white sands...

Homeport was very nice with floating docks and good protection from winds.  Lulu's is really like a small amusement park: restaurants, shops, carney atmosphere.

We left Homeport this morning and had a quick trip down to Orange Beach Marina, Orange Beach, AL. Got here in time to do a nice lunch at Fisher's, the onsite restaurant, and take a walk around the beautiful grounds..

Weather's coming in tonight...I saw some lows in the 20's for a couple of nights early in the week.  Yow!  We're here until our mail catches up...probably be Wednesday when we get going again.

Unless we change our minds...