Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sunny Pensacola, Florida

Thursday, November 20 -

Monday and Tuesday at Orange Beach Marina were spent 1) staying warm...

...and 2) doing indoor projects.  Wayne did a remodeling of the shower stall by putting in a new shower head (turbo, so it makes the dribble feel more like a shower) and a new light.  The difference is amazing!! We'd started showering in daylight only because it was so dark in there, otherwise.

Funny thing happened when picking out the shower head while we were in Mobile.  We found it at an RV supply store.  The person who helped us explained the workings of several different models of shower heads and we finally focused on this turbo model.  The off-on button for the head was a separate connector, not on the head itself, as in our old model.  I asked the salesman, in reference to the separate on/off connector, where in the process (of installation) this would fall...(up by the head or down by the faucet).  He said, "Well, usually people get wet all over, then lather up and...."

We were both twitching with laughter...but held it 'til we got outside.  The guy is probably going home saying, "You won't believe what someone asked me today!"

Temperatures yesterday morning were mid-20's, but as the sun came up the solar heat warmed up the bridge and we left the marina at 10 AM, headed for Palafox Pier at Pensacola, FL.

Wayne is still concerned about the electrical issues and we've decided it would be best to get this problem (or problems) solved before we tackle crossing the Gulf.  Pensacola is a good place to work on this, so we're here for a couple of days....or more...until it's resolved.

Woke this morning to a beautiful, sunny day.  Chilly to begin with, but it's already getting warmer and expected to be in the low 60's today.  Journey at our slip on A Dock... Notice the new, smaller (and therefore better proportioned) sign on the back.  ;-)

And our view of the marina and edge of town....

Spent the evening with Laura and Bill of Kindred Spirit.  Enjoyed a meal at Hopjack's Pizza Kitchen within walking distance of the Pier.  Palafox Pier is well located right downtown Pensacola.  Since we were here last in 2010, the downtown area has really blossomed.  Lots of shops and restaurants open last night and people milling around.  It felt good.

Wayne's out on a West Marine errand with neighbor Andy from Fruitcakes.  Plans are to work on the diagnosis of electrical problem today and do some walking around Pensacola.  There's a seafood shop about a mile away that sounds like a good choice for supper vittles!

More later from Pensacola.  Stay warm, wherever you are!!