Monday, August 10, 2015

De Tour State Dock, De Tour, MI, Monday, August 10, 2015

De Tour State Dock, De Tour, MI, Monday, August 10, 2015

When we woke this morning we could hear the carnival crew breaking up the setting and getting ready to move on to another small festival somewhere. Last night had fireworks, an om-pa-pa band…quite an event!

We’re headed to De Tour, MI, today in the UP (Upper Peninsula). Left around 6:45 AM with rain clouds on the horizon to the west and a small ray of sun on the east. It was sprinkling rain by the time we pulled out of the harbor.

The trip, though, was pretty easy. Forty miles, with a slight push from wind and waves…we were there by noon with only a few rain showers in our wake. The waves were 1 ft. or less, as we had hoped.

We left Rogers City shortly before a trawler from Michigan, Freedom’s Turn, left. They ended up passing us, as they were a bit faster, but we talked with them on the way and they encouraged us to contact them if we had questions about the area, as this is their “turf.” ;-)

De Tour, MI, is on the St. Mary’s River and right across the river from Drummond Island, MI, which is where we came into the US in 2008 when we left Canada and were heading back home from the loop trip. A really small, remote setting…De Tour has a feel of it’s own.

It’s our first time in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We learned today that the inhabitants of the UP call themselves Yoopers.

We walked around town, small as it was, and enjoyed ice cream and the few stores that were available.  Stopped by the IGA on the way back to the boat and picked up 2 bags of fresh goods.

This is what it looked like when we left Rogers City this morning...would it be a good day, or a stormy day?

That afternoon, docked at De Tour...and looking beyond to the St. Mary's River and our passage north!

The Marina office.  We were surprised to see a number of boats pull in this afternoon to the harbor...but I guess it is time for the migration to begin from North Channel to points south.

 A sticker that tells the story....

Our view of the lake as we walked into town.

It's pretty much a one-street-town: Ontario Street.

Again...beautiful churches.

And a unique, but attractive home.

And...even better...what I imagine to be someone's studio up here in the summer, complete with garden and lots of light!

Very rural, peaceful venue.

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  1. We are at Drummond Island, just across the way hope we meet up somewhere.