Monday, August 10, 2015

Rogers City Marina, Rogers City, MI, August 9, 2015

We woke up this morning at 5 AM to check out our options for today’s travel: Rogers City or Detour. We chose Rogers City because of the afternoon flare up of wind and waves near the Detour destination.
So…we took Lucy into shore as soon as light was available. Beautiful morning!

We took Lucy back to an area we’d been the day before onshore. There’s a little trail here leading to the beach. Last night there were probably 15 people out there talking, walking dogs…swimming.

From the shore…we look like a spot in the bay.

We were out of the anchorage by about 6:45. That’s one of the neat things about anchoring: you only have to pull up anchor and you’re gone! No unplugging from shore power and pulling in the cords. No taking in dock lines…just gone!  Ah, but then again, we use the dinghy to take Lucy to shore and then have to put it up...Though, with the Popper Upper unit, it's a pretty quick chore!

Our trip to Rogers City was quick and easy. We traveled no more than about 2 miles offshore. And when we got there…we were actually on time for a festival! The Nautical City Festival!! Complete with parade and everything!

We walked around town, ate lunch at the Chinese/Thai restaurant buffet (good) and got ice cream down the street at a little ice cream store. There was an art/craft show to tour and a carnival, complete with the usual rides…tilt-a-whirl, ferris wheel, etc. Food vendors were on hand with sausages (a regional favorite), hot dogs, etc.

I walked down to the IGA…only to find it was a “mini-IGA” and it was closed on Sunday. There’s a Fossil Park on the beach area, but I was too busy thinking about lunch and the parade to go there.
Here are some views from the city that day...

Small downtown area, but they have the essentials, post office, dollar store, grocery...

The map said there was an IGA about 10 blocks away from the marina, so while we waited for our chosen lunch place to open, I walked down there to see if I could pick up a few fresh items.  Ever heard of a mini-IGA?  I hadn't. is closed on Sunday.  Seems their big business is sausages and they were going to have an open house later in the day with refreshments and....sausages.

We planned our ice cream store visit very well, as it turned out, because we were able to sit and watch the parade.  There were several "princesses" and their courts on floats, lots of antique cars (one with "mother and father of the princess"...the local high school band, etc.

Another pretty church... They use a lot of stone up here.

Jerry, there was an antique tractor show!!

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