Monday, March 9, 2015

Okeechobee to Fort Pierce

Monday, March 9-

When last we met, we were sitting in Moore Haven debating the route we'd take to cross Lake Okeechobee.  The reports on weather that Tuesday morning were a little we decided to do the Rim Route which goes along the south edge of the lake.  It takes longer than the straight across route, of course, but there's more protection from the wind.  Looking back on the day's travel, it was the right choice for us.  The winds were strong, even on the Rim Route.  

We traveled 75 miles that day from Moore Haven over to Port St. Lucie State Park.  We had a little fog at Moore Haven that morning, but it lifted pretty quickly.  We got out by 8 AM and arrived at St. Lucie around 6 PM.  Long day, but we accomplished a lot.  ;-)  Below is a shot of the Moore Haven City Dock with one remaining boat...

We were entertained during the trip across Okeechobee by the beautiful scenery...

Port St. Lucie State Park is mainly a campground with spaces for tents to RV's.  There are 8 boat slips available, first come first serve, at a nightly rate of $30.  If you're old enough to get a seniors park pass (which we are, but don't have it with us) you get the slip for $15/night.  Having traveled long the day before, we decided to spend Wednesday at the park to r & r.  The park is right by the St. Lucie Lock so the first day we were there we saw more boats in one day than we'd seen since we left Ft. Myers.

On Wednesday afternoon we were alerted to the arrival of the Nina and Pinta tall sailing ship replicas coming through....

I was almost distracted from the ships' arrival when I saw the lovely view up the channel.

Thursday morning we planned a short trip to Jensen Beach anchorage where we'd arranged for Lucy to be groomed.  As we got on the water, we decided the next few days might actually be more comfortable in a marina.  Nothing like wind and rain to dull your enthusiasm for a dinghy ride.  So we canceled the Jensen Beach grooming appointment and made one in Fort Pierce instead.  Thursday afternoon we docked at Fort Pierce City Marina.  Right downtown Fort Pierce, it's a nice setting.

We're on fixed wooden docks, as are all the boats here now.  The marina had new concrete floating docks that were completely wiped out in a hurricane in 2004.  They are just now in the process of rebuilding those docks.

Friday we walked around town and checked out the place, including a local bakery.  I stayed in town a bit longer to peruse a few of the art galleries.  Art Mundo is a collection of studio/galleries and was most interesting.  I also checked in on a working gallery, The Treasure Coast Art Association, where anyone can pay $4 and come in to work in the studio.  An oil class was meeting the day I was there and a nearby table had 4 people painting away with oil, watercolor, acrylic.  They were very welcoming and would be a nice group to visit were we staying longer.

My next stop that morning was Beads and Baubles, a bead...and, well, baubles shop that not only sells the supplies but offers classes.  I looked around and made a small purchase.  The woman who tended the cash register, Ginette, had a cute haircut so I (of course) asked her where in town she got her hair cut. Turns out she's only down for a while from Boston,  cuts her own hair, and is a former hair stylist.  We talked further, we me lamenting the plight of short-haired lady boaters who must walk into unknown salons with every haircut.  Sad, isn't it?  Ginette looked at my ragged hair and suggested how it might be cut.  She allowed as how a barber would probably do a great job on the cut I was eyeing.  Seeing a barber right across the street, I made for the door with the intent of trying it out.  As I was leaving I heard Ginette say, "If I had my scissors, I'd cut it for you."  [pause]....

.........the air stood still.

"I just happen to have hair cutting scissors onboard our boat," says I, as I saunter back to the register.  Thus began what looks to become a lasting connection between me and Ginette.  ;-)  She came to the boat that afternoon and cut my hair (Did I mention how windy it is down here?  We had hair flying everywhere and Ginette had to stop a couple of times to clear her eyes and throat!)  She gave me a great cut...and we talked constantly while she worked.  Turns out Ginette is an accomplished oil painter.  She showed me some of her work and I showed her some of the things I've been working on this trip...including my art journal.  Ginette really liked the art journal idea, so I loaned her a book to get her started.  How lucky was I to meet this lady!!!

My new, wash and wear do...

I'm encouraging Ginette to set up a chair at the docks here when she chooses.  She'll get takers!!

Friday afternoon, after a shower to shed the stray hair, we took our laundry up to the marina laundromat and knocked out the whole job in about 1.5 hours.  Four new washers and dryers did the trick in no time!  Nice facility, to my way of thinking.  That evening the town held Friday Fest down near the marina with arts/crafts, food, drink, and live music.

Saturday was farmers market day and we donned our raincoats to cruise the booths early.  We came away with veggies and a sweet fix from a luscious pastry.  We then hauled Lucy (on foot and paw) to a grooming salon for a much needed haircut.  While she was getting pretty, we enjoyed a good lunch at Cobb's Landing.  Then we iked back to groomer and picked up a much lighter Lucy.

Sunday we made plans for our getaway on Monday.  After lunch at the Original Tiki Bar, we walked to the local Save A Lot grocery.  We walked away with 3 bags full of supplies...for the awesomely small amount of $26.

We contacted Hidden Harbor Marina in St. Augustine and made arrangements to stay there beginning next weekend.  We'll spend the next few days anchoring our way up to St. Augustine.   We're looking forward to spending some time with Dave, Heather and kids during their visit to Orlando later this month.  Should be fun!  We're ready to "get on with it!"  ;-)