Saturday, October 10, 2015


Saturday, October 10, 2015

Well, I told you yesterday about our having permission to go through Chattanooga today, and it worked! See, the river was totally closed for three miles right through the riverfront area so a rowing regatta could take place. Restrictions were due to be lifted at 5PM, unless the event ended sooner.
Wayne called several offices yesterday on the way up and finally talked with a Coast Guard Chattanooga individual who said we could go through…we’d just have to go at no wake speed for three miles. Oh, and the Coast Guard had asked Chickamauga Lock not to lock anyone down during the time the river was closed…so it looked like we wouldn’t have much competition for the lock as we traveled upstream. ;-)

Last night we had distance thunderstorms and a persistant rain. Woke up this morning to pouring rain. Pulled up anchor and made the short trip to the beginning of the “closed” area. Coast Guard, TWRA, and local sheriff boats we all out protecting the space. We we guided to the center of the channel and told to proceed at no wake. Meanwhile, scullers and rowers were running a circular course outside the channel. Everything went smoothly, and we were, indeed, the only boat (besides official boats) on the channel.

Chickamauga Lock gave us a ride up…and took down three pleasure craft. Hmmm. Thought they weren’t locking down during the event. Well, then we hear a series of calls back and forth between the Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxillary, TWRA, and the lock. Bottom line: those boats were escorted through, but when another boat attempted to lock down about half an hour later, they were refused “on orders of the Coast Guard.” So…YES, we feel special. ;-)

We’ve made it all the way to Blue Water Marina and Campground Resort at mile 504. Ah! A dock, a walk…and…pizza’s on it’s way! Life is good!

We could be home Monday afternoon…or Tuesday at the latest. Hoping the locks cooperate! ;-)