Saturday, October 17, 2015


Saturday, October 17, 2015 -

On Sunday we made it up to Mile 576 and Little Paint Water Creek.  Lovely spot...and we had it all to ourselves.

Monday morning we'd planned to leave around 7:30 AM...but fog had set in over night and we ended up staying until after 10 AM.

This route is very familiar to us, so we noticed that there's been quite a bit of new construction along this piece of the Tennessee...mainly residential.  But it's still a pretty part of the river...


Ft. Loudoun Lock was a pretty quick lock through, and from there we went over to the marina to fill up before heading to Concord Marina.  It was around 5 PM when we docked at Concord and closed up the boat for the night.  Our friends, Jay and Carla, met us there and gave us a ride home.

We're glad to be here...and have spent most of the first week home moving back into the house and off the boat.  When the dust settles I'll post an entry with some stats on the trip.

Thanks to all of you who followed our journey and kept us connected to you at home!  Looking forward to catching up over the next few months!